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How To Measure Yourself For A Leather Jacket






Measuring Your Chest: -

Measure at the widest part of your chest which is typically around the nipple line. Ensure to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground in both the front and back of your body. Simply breathe normally do not take a deep breath or hold your breath again do not look down at the measuring tape continue to look straight ahead.

Measuring Your Waist: -

Identify the widest section of your stomach which is usually near the belly button measure completely around your body while ensuring the tape is snug and parallel to the ground just breathe normally do not attempt to hold your breath or to suck in your stomach will affect how the jacket fits.

Measuring Your Bisceps:-

Stand with your arm relaxed at your side not flex identify the largest part of your bicep and measure around your arm.

Measuring Your Sleeve Length: -

If you were wearing a properly fitting shirt place the tip of the measurement tape at the shoulder and armhole seam and measure straight down your arm to, you’re the desired length and so you measure one a full inch below the bottom of the wrist.

Measuring Your Deltoids: -

Bring the tape from under your arm and wrap it around the shoulder ensure to leave enough slack to slide one finger under the tape.

Measuring Your Hip: -

Stand straight up with both feet together heels touching does not wrap the measuring tape too high at the top of the buttocks also do not wrap the measuring tape too low at the bottom of the buttocks for an accurate measurement snuggly wrap the measuring tape around the widest portion of the buttocks.

Measuring Shoulder Size: -

Measurement tape at the shoulder and armhole seam extend the tape across your back along with your trapezoids to the opposite shoulder joint

Measuring the Jacket Back Length: -

For this measurement, it is important to look straight ahead and not look down at the measurement tape as this will alter the measurement numbers and the ultimate fit of your jacket follows the fabric seam until you identify the base of your collar singing measure straight down along your body and stop at your desired length normal jacket length can be at any point between the bottom of the wrist joint and the thumb joints to ensure a precise measurement the jacket link should end at the bottom of your buttocks.