Crazy horse leather has grown in favour over the previous two decades and for a good cause. Crazy horse leather is made from full-grain leather, which provides longevity, toughness, and a gorgeous appearance.

The finest leather in the world is called "crazy horse leather," also referred to as "saddle leather." It stands out thanks to its distinctive appearance, legendary toughness, and stunning natural patina that only adds to its beauty.


Look & Texture

The topmost layer of the crazy horse leather has been untouched. This means that the naked eye can see the scratches, scars, blemishes, and other flaws. These marks give the leather character, lacking in different varieties of leather.

Even top-grain leather has been sanded with flaws removed to improve the leather's homogeneity. On the other hand, full-grain leather does not conform to this notion and retains its original beauty.


Durability & Strength

Because it is nearly undisturbed, crazy horse leather is robust and durable. It has a breathable texture and has not been manipulated in any way. As a result, the leather preserves its capacity to absorb oil and other materials. Although wild horse leather stains rapidly, you may maintain its freshness and attractiveness by conditioning it regularly.


Patina & Aging

The best part about wild horse leather is that it naturally matures. The fact that it can be stained is both good and evil; its capacity to absorb oil and waxes develops a patina that contributes to its character rather than wearing it out.

Since they have been treated to eliminate natural stains, other types of leather typically do not discolour. As a result, it can prevent self-tainting while preventing the patina from spreading. As a result, crazy horse leather has a built-in patina that enables it to breathe and improve in beauty over time.


How Is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

This wax's primary function is to improve the tone and form of the leather. Furthermore, the wax makes the leather more resistant to liquids by increasing its durability. With this wax, the appearance of wild horse leather is significantly increased; a rustic and vintage persona develops with time.

Naturally, with time and use, the leather will rip and show indications of ageing in the form of a change in tone and colour. On the other hand, this multi-coloured shine would not look bad; it would produce a retro vibe.

What you should know about the wax application process is that the leather is later buffed, finished, and polished to thicken the surface and make it look more polished and prosperous.


The Simple Guide Care For Crazy Horse Leather Care

Crazy horse leather has the potential to discolour, making regular conditioning necessary. Proper maintenance is essential for the leather to last longer and maintain its stunning appearance from day one. Crazy horse leather can be cared for in a few different ways.



The most important advice is to wipe it down with a moist cloth as soon as it becomes stained. You can further dry the leather using a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. By taking this precaution, you can prevent irreversible staining of the leather. Online user reviews provide a wealth of personal information about this.


Don’t Use Chemical Based Cleaner: -

Always use a soft, wet cloth rather than chemical cleaners to remove the stains. To protect the waxy coating that has been applied to restore the state of the natural leather, one should avoid utilising chemical-based products. The wax layer will be disrupted by chemical cleaners, leaving space for more harm.


Apply Leather Conditioners & Creams

Apply leather conditioners and lotions regularly to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them. The marks and scratches will occur with time and use - it's part of the ageing process - but the actual colour and tone should remain if you continue to apply leather lotions and conditioners.


Are Crazy Hose Leather Backpacks Worth Buying?

Yes, there is a reason why crazy horse leather is utilised to produce backpacks. This leather is 100% genuine, made of cowhide, and is the most durable. It will last a lifetime if you periodically condition and care for your crazy horse leather bag. It will gradually acquire a vintage appearance, adding charm and appeal.


Is it possible for Crazy Horse leather to shrink?

It will shrink if you use unconditioned wild horse leather for an extended period. The reason is straightforward: It is produced from waxed and oiled organic fibres. It exposes the natural fibre of the leather, which renders it susceptible to shrinkage and, in some circumstances, discolouration. The oils are displaced by regular water use, preventing the leather from shrinking. It is recommended to condition the leather four to five times a year, but it also depends on how frequently you use the crazy horse leather treatment.