What is the reason leather shoe crease?

The best thing about wearing full-grain leather shoes and sneakers is that they soften and conform to your foot more comfortably the longer you wear them. However, your shoes will be stressed when you walk, kneel, or crouch to pick something up. Creases will form in the areas of the shoe that are frequently pressured. Wrinkles will occur where the leather is stressed and twisted the most, depending on the form of your foot and how you walk.

Of course, the creasing does not happen immediately, so you can take precautions to keep your leather oiled and crease-resistant.


How to remove leather shoe wrinkles and creases

If you wish to try to remove a leather shoe wrinkle, you must be exceedingly cautious. Look for guidelines from your shoe brand for caring for your shoes and preventing and eliminating wrinkles first, then follow their advice.


Method # 1 (Remove leather creases by using Flat iron)

  1. To keep the shape, pack the shoe with crumpled old newspaper, preferably as tightly as possible. You can use a shoe tree, but it's best to store it for later drying.
  2. Set your iron to a temperature of 60 to 75 degrees.
  3. Wet a towel and wring off as much water as possible. Fold the towel into two pieces and place them on the creased region of the shoes.
  4. Iron the towel over the wrinkle for a few seconds. Check the crease by raising the towel and ironing the damp towel over the crease several times more until the wrinkle disappears. Ideally, the heat should soften the leather and smooth out the ruffle, but warmth is also dangerous, so proceed cautiously. If it appears that the heat is causing damage to your shoe, stop ironing.
  5. When finished, leave the shoe to cool while leaving the newspaper inside, or replace it with your shoe tree to absorb excess moisture and ideally keep the shoe's shape.


Method #2 (Use a Hairdryer To Remove a Leather Shoe Crease)

Fill your shoe with a shoe tree or crumpled old newspaper. You can use a shoe tree right away because you don't need to add any more wet things to this method, and a shoe tree is easier to mould the leather against because you'll be massaging the shoe.

  1. Pass the blowdryer around 8 inches over the creased region for a few seconds on a low setting. If the leather does not feel warm when you touch it, turn up the heat on the hairdryer.
  2. Place the dryer on the floor and massage the crease against the shoe tree. Repeat these processes until the wrinkles are reduced to a minimum.
  3. Apply leather conditioner or oil to the shoe to keep the leather from drying out from the heat of your hairdryer.


Method #3 (Used Leather Oil or Conditioner to remove your leather shoe wrinkle)

Without heat, oil or leather conditioner may be sufficient to erase wrinkles from your leather shoes. Before massaging out the wrinkles and creases, apply the oil or conditioner to the entire shoe. It would be best to put crumpled newspaper in your shoe while doing this; a shoe tree would suffice, but you don't want the oil or conditioner to get on it. However, you can use your shoe tree to dry the shoe.

Used Leather Oil or Conditioner to remove your leather shoe wrinkle


Guides to prevent leather shoes from creasing

As previously said, thorough and consistent care is essential for maintaining the excellent quality of your shoes and preventing leather shoe creasing. It would be best if you cleaned your shoes. Before applying leather conditioner, clean your shoes with a soft-bristled dry brush to remove all grit and filth. When your shoes are no longer supple or waterproof, it's time to condition them anew.

Leather shoe crease guards are another option, which are flexible inserts that you may insert into your shoes to reduce leather shoe creasing. It is simple to insert crease protectors into shoes; slip them into the toe box before wearing them.

You will eventually develop leather shoe creases and wrinkles that will be impossible to remove, but preferably not for several years. More if you make a point of taking good care of your leather shoes.