A crossbody bag can be both practical and fashionable! We researched this topic and discovered fantastic ways to wear a crossbody bag.

There is no incorrect way to wear these bags. Can they, however, be fashionable? Our search considered body position, strap detail, and clothing style to uncover nine great ways to carry the crossbody purse.

  1. Across the back
  2. On the hip
  3. Across the chest
  4. Against the stomach
  5. With a chain strap
  6. With thin or thick straps
  7. Casual
  8. Business Casual
  9. Formal

Practicality is essential! We hope the days of pockets that aren't pockets are over. Let us explain how these bags might be helpful depending on how they are worn.

Where Should A Leather Crossbody Bag Fit?

Let's look at several fashionable ways to wear a leather crossbody bag. As previously said, these styles are based on the bag's body position, strap detail, and your attire – so you may wear a crossbody purse to any event or activity.

Body Position

First, think about where you want the bag to go on your body. It is just as significant as the overall appearance. Crossbody bags are typically carried across the back, on the hip, across the chest, and against the stomach. The bag’s location on the body is influenced by activity, body form, mobility, and even safety.

Across the back

A crossbody bag, also known as a sling bag, can be worn across the back during light to moderate activities such as jogging or hiking.

Why carry a heavy bag on your shoulder when you can wear this bag on your back? Let's be honest. When it comes to getting ready to exercise, you don't need any extra obstacles. This bag will store your necessities in one convenient location — your back. Please remember to keep your posture to avoid damage! Furthermore, you should only carry 10% of your body weight on your back.

On the hip

Is it acceptable to wear a crossbody purse when doing simple tasks like running errands or going shopping? Absolutely! There's no need to fumble with your wallet while shopping. If your bag is on your hip, you can sip your favourite espresso while looking at a nice pair of sneakers. That seems ideal!

On the Hip

Wearing a leather crossbody bag on the hip may benefit someone with mobility concerns. The cane may fall if someone tries to walk with the club while carrying a clutch purse. As a result, the person may fall. This is unacceptable.

By the way, conventional bags can be converted into crossbody bags by sitting on the hip. It all depends on the length of the strap. The strap should reach across the back and the front of the body, with the bag resting low on the hip.

However, the strap must be at least 20 inches long to accomplish this look. However, the length varies depending on personal desire. You should get the help of a buddy to estimate your torso length before measuring the strap. Measure down your spine from the top of your hip bone to the slope of your shoulder where it meets your neck. This measurement assists you in determining a strap length that will allow the bag to rest comfortably on your hip.

How about a new look with a crossbody purse on your hip, ready for a stroll along the beach? This appears to be adorable!

Across the chest

Another fantastic alternative for people with limited movement is to wear a crossbody bag over the chest. This choice, without a doubt, allows the person to stay hands-free and autonomous when running errands. A shoulder bag or handbag may get in the way if you use a walker. So, put safety first and experiment with a cute purse like the one shown below.

How to wear crossbody bag accross on the chest

Against the stomach

Safety is at the top of your priority list when you travel. If the crossbody bag is lying against your tummy, you are constantly aware of its access to others. A criminal would have difficulty stealing your wallet between your arms. Avoid being in a scenario like this as much as possible.

How to wear a crossbody against the stomach

Strap Detail

The strap detail of the crossbody bag should be considered next. Maybe you want some bling. Perhaps you're only concerned about the width of the strap. Or perhaps both? Let's look at how the length and width of your straps affect your overall appearance.

With a chain

A chain, for example, can be used to dress up a casual outfit. How about sashaying into the room in a classic black dress for business casual? Allow the crossbody bag to be the outfit’s focal point, as seen above.

Women wear a crossbody with chin strap

With thick or thin straps

The strap's breadth affects the overall style you want to achieve. Thick straps are appropriate for both casual and formal settings. Thin straps may be suitable for business casual or traditional settings. Below is the widest waistband for a trendy purse's unique look.

Try out a thin strap like this adjustable strap for your next outing. This crossbody purse is available in several colours, allowing you to match it to your outfit effortlessly.

Wear a crossbody bag with thin or thin straps

Outfit Type

Finally, consider the event for which you are wearing.


Are you going shopping? The shop? What about a coffee date? With casual clothing, the alternatives for your favourite crossbody bag are numerous. Look how good it looks with jeans.

Business Casual

Certain occasions necessitate business casual dress. Are you attending a job interview? Yes, you can still do this with a crossbody purse! The traditional all-black ensemble is one possibility. This dress is adorable, but the charcoal crossbody bag truly elevates the overall appearance.


Regardless of the above options, wearing this purse with formal attire requires a bit more thought. Do you need a bag for a lovely night out on the town? Take care! You don't want to make your elegant gown appear casual by wearing the wrong purse.

Few individuals try to wear a crossbody bag with formal attire; be brave! However, try to keep the formality. Generally, the bag should be tiny, essential, and attractive. And a little glitz goes a long way. It's worth noting that you can lengthen the chains to create the desired crossbody style.