Leather isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when most ladies think of summer fashion. After all, animal hides can be thick and heavy — and wearing something thick and heavy in blazing summer temps might cause you skin-chafing nightmares. But don't worry, leather enthusiasts. Following these easy tips, you can wear a leather skirt comfortably in the summer.


Mini Leather Skirt

When it comes to summer leather, little is more. Instead of a full-length, weighted skirt, try a knee-length or mini Leather pencil skirt. The less stuff there is, the more comfortable you will be.

On top, keep it light.

If you wear a leather skirt in the summer, pair it with a lightweight top to make it look as light as possible. Cotton and another lightweight, breathable fabrics are good at absorbing moisture while allowing your skin to effectively "breathe" in the heat.

Wear High-Waisted Styles

High-waisted leather skirts are always flattering and can provide additional benefits. Tuck your shirt into your high-waisted skirt to minimise shafting and moisture buildup.

Wear High-Waisted Styles


What Colors Work Better With Leather Skirts?

When it comes to leather skirts, some hues work better than others. Black leather skirts are usually safe choices, but if you want to add colour to your outfit, go for a colourful leather skirt. Red, white, and grey are all excellent selections that will go well with your summer clothing.

Most people feel that black is the only colour that works nicely with a leather skirt. However, many alternative colours can match a leather skirt, depending on the look you're going for. Pair your leather skirt with a bright colour, such as red or yellow, for a more edgy effect.

If you want to look more feminine, wear your skirt in a pastel colour like pink or blue. And if you want a classic style, white is the way to go. Whatever colour you choose, keep the rest of your outfit simple so that your skirt is the focus of attention.


Style and Material

  • For a better experience, pick a high-waisted, lightweight skirt with a silk or cotton lining. You should put on a cotton underskirt if it is not lined to keep your composure.
  • Faux leather is the best material since it is breathable.
  • More ventilation will be provided by a skater or circle skirt.
  • In the summer, a pencil skirt could cling to you and cause you to overheat, thus a flowy style is suggested.


What Tops Should You Wear with a Black Leather Skirt?

Consider your wardrobe style before choosing the best tops to wear with a leather skirt.

  1. Choose light fabrics, vibrant colours, and styles that aren't too formal. Tops with a turtleneck or a wide neckline are not suited.
  2. Consider a V-neck, low-cut, or sheer crop top.
  3. A print shirt or a combination top in vibrant colours can keep you cool.
  4. A white T-shirt can be the perfect top for your skirt.
  5. Avoid tucking in your tops and avodark-coloured ones.
  6. Your clothing should be loose, light, and bright.



  • Always keep in mind that silver jewellery complements leather skirts better than gold.
  • If you want to go all-leather, accessorise with huge bags, masculine shoes, neutral makeup, and an easy hairdo.
  • For leather skirts and dresses, pick the appropriate texture.

leather skirt with leather accessories